Monday, July 27, 2009

Shake it for the Lord!

2 Samuel 6:14 "David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the LORD with all his might..."

This is the verse that helps to explain what “Shake it for the Lord” really means. No matter what is going on in my life, be it good or bad, I can always put away my own thoughts and worries and dance and pray before the Lord. If it was good enough when David did it, then I’m sure it will be good enough when I do it!

I’m not a good dancer by any means, but when I’m having a good day I like to dance around and sing and let others know it! When I’m having a bad day, I can dance around and act silly and suddenly things don’t seem quite so bad (it helps that I usually get a smile or a laugh from my 6 month old daughter when I do it).

God blesses us with so many things each day, and we should thank Him and praise Him for those things…and when I praise Him, I like to show Him how thankful I am for the days I have been given with my family here on earth.

So, however you want to do it today…show Him your praise! Sing at the top of your lungs on the way to work or while playing with your kids (kids almost always like to sing loud!) or dance while you pray…just make sure you are praising the Lord!

And when you wake up every morning just remember to Shake it for the one that made you!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Welcome to my new blog! God has laid it on my heart to start a devotional journal type blog on here to share my thoughts with others and have others share their thoughts as well…so feel free to comment and share your thoughts or prayer requests!

I guess you’re wondering (or maybe not?) how the idea came to me…well I was taking a nap one day (I have a 6 month old—I’m allowed to nap!) and I had a dream about an uplifting real-life devotional journal type blog. The name came in my dream, along with the names explanation (which will come in the next few posts).

When I woke up, I wasn’t sure if God wanted me to do the website or if it was one of those crazy creative dreams that comes from lack of sleep. Well I followed my heart and pulled out my bible and found bible verses to go along with what the name and explanations meant to me. I think God knew I was going to need an “escape” to share what is going on in my life, so he gave me this.

Two days after I had the dream about the blog, we found out my step-dad has chronic myelogenous leukemia. This came as a complete shock to my whole family, and it really hit me hard because my step-dad has kind of been my rock ever since I have known him. So now I am starting my “escape” and I hope you all enjoy it and find it helpful as well!

Oh, and you may be asking what “Shake it for the Lord” means? Well, you’ll have to wait for my next post to find out the answer to that one!!