Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Map: The Way of All Great Men Review

I was given a complimentary copy of “The Map” by David Murrow from Thomas Nelson Publishing to read and review. Having grown up in church, I was extremely interested to see what “map” Murrow had found in the book of Matthew. I am always looking for more information that will help me better myself, and the subtitle “The Way of All Great Men” sounded promising.

The book starts out as a fictional story that tells how the map was discovered. The author goes from his nice, quiet home in Alaska to a monastery in Greece. His adventure takes him around the world on an unbelievable adventure where he meets several unique individuals, some of which are from different Christian backgrounds.

In the second half of “The Map” the author explains the map (found in the book of Matthew) in further detail and offers guidance on how to follow its journeys. He uses biblical passages in conjunction with his explanations. He also uses some great men of the Bible to show how the map has helped them in becoming great men.

“The Map” was a very interesting and easy-to-read book (I read it in two days). It is a thought-provoking book without being overly intellectual. In saying that, I mean that you do not have to be a Bible scholar, but any “average” man could read and relate with the book. I do suggest reading the book of Matthew after reading the book to further understand the map Murrow speaks of. Overall, I feel that any man that strives to better himself through a relationship with God would benefit from reading this book.

Guest Post by: Kyle

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